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Business Scope

Operating Procedures

Business Advantages

Rich experience in great project logistics projects

City Union's project logistics team has more than 10 years of experience in planning and implementation of great logistics projects. We will consider all kinds of emergency plans ahead of the project, help you develop a safe and reliable logistics operation plan and technical plan within the project budget. Our project logistics customers include GE, GNPC, Mettube, UEEPC, BP and other well-known domestic and foreign companies. We have done large-scale projects including power plant equipment, petrochemical equipment, complete set production lines, large-scale loaders and so on.

Reliable and efficient on-site service

In every project City Union's on-site supervision team will come to the key site, communicate with the relevant parties in a timely manner, ensure that the contractor performs the work according to the requirements and objectives of the project, and the goods,people and on-site work are done safely, effective and in time.During the packaging, on-site receiving, loading, customs service, unloading and other points we have team members on-site to direct and supervise to ensure the reliability of every step of transportation.

Stick to the HSE standard

Throughout the implementation of the project logistics, we adopt coherent and systematic approach to manage the health and safety to meet the standard(we have passed the HSE certification).


City Union's project logistics team is composed of experienced experts in all kinds of transportation including railway freight, ocean freight, air freight, land transportation, etc. They are good at using City Union's long-term accumulation of resources and a wide range of networks to develop complete and reliable transportation solutions for your project. Whether it is bulky, heavy or over-limited cargo, City Union's project logistics team can complete the task as your demand.

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