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City Union's import team provides import agent business for domestic consignees (ocean & air freight). We provide one-stop customs clearance services from import port to receiving place for customers such as customs declaration and inspection, customs transit, freight transport and so on. Our business scope includes general cargoes, foods, hazardous chemicals products, equipment, awkward and lengthy cargoes, etc. We also provide customs declaration and cargo agency business in bonded area, logistics park and other special areas to help customers adapt to the changing international customs and regulatory environment, and improve the efficiency of import receipt.

Business Scope

Customs Solutions

City Union mainly provides customers with customs declaration agency services, customs clearance business(general trade, processing trade, customs transit & shipment return , etc.), commodity classification, agency for entry-exit inspection and quarantine, agency for supervisory documents, solution to difficult problems, tax and customs valuation coordination and policy interpretation and consultation, etc. We can improve the overall customs clearance efficiency, the whole process to control the risk of commodity clearance.

Port Solutions

City Union has a long-term service agreement with all the terminals at the port. We can ensure the priority of loading and unloading, transshipment and settlement after arrival, reduce the delay time of goods, and save the comprehensive logistics cost. Our main services include planned acceptance, cargo connection, river transshipment, supervision and unloading, wharf settlement, insurance and consulting services.

Food Import

City Union provides import food agent customs declaration, agent import food materials, imported food Chinese label filing and other business.We have imported about 3000 SKU items, covering alcohol, pre-packaging, raw materials and other categories. Because the inspection and quarantine requirements for imported food are very high, the import food customs declaration has the features of complicated label making, strict document review, long declaration and long customs clearance. We provide the whole tracking services(filing information for consignees of import foods --- label making and filing --- inspection --- sampling inspection --- customs declaration --- labelling --- getting hygiene license --- delivering goods) to help customers import food quickly and without worry.

Import of Dangerous Chemicals

City Union provides dangerous goods import operation services for a number of well-known 500 chemical enterprises, including all kinds of high-risk flammable solids, oxidants, organic peroxides, toxic substances, infectious substances, corrosive products, etc., which can be declared by the Maritime Bureau and the Port Authority. Packing, reinforcement, marking of dangerous goods, special entrustment and other services. Acting Yangshan Port dangerous goods box temporary unloading and entry, bulk dangerous goods packing and entry business, to provide you with the safest and faster dangerous goods import logistics services.

Equipment and Miscellaneous Import

City Union mainly provides equipment, materials or components for petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, confidential instruments, machinery manufacturing and other industries, from the place of production to the designated location of the whole import logistics services. The company can make logistics schedule for customers, solve transportation technical problems, prevent operational risks, coordinate related organizational interfaces, and monitor the implementation process. The scope of service covers all logistics links, such as international shipping, international air transportation, inland waterway transportation, road transportation, customs clearance and inspection, warehousing bonded and so on.

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